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no agreement on the debt, senate democrats put off a test vote late last night staying on top of the latest developments on capitol hill. a thief caught on tape hauling away stolen goods after fedex dropped it off. welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. >> to tucker barnes look at that hazeness once again hanging over capitol hill that is not the only thing this morning. we will get to the debt debate more in a moment tucker barnes will tell us, another hot one today. you know the answer, hazy,
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hot, humid conditions here to stay for sunday. in fact, humidity up just a little bit temperatures expected to be mid-90s. morning start, 80s, 82 regan national, winchester, 70, frederick, 64. there are spots where temperatures have fallen back into the 60s. satellite radar, quiet conditions, a frontal system to our south, cloud cover, later today, possible, to the south, southern maryland, southwest central portions of virginia you may see a pop up thunderstorm the rest of us here in washington, north and west, dealing with sunshine again, very warm temperatures back in the 90s. here is your forecast, hot temperatures this afternoon, high 94, a few degrees cooler than yesterday. more details on the forecast coming up. >> thanks so much. starting off this morning,
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apparently there was significant progress in the debt talks overnight. top congressional republicans are in talks with the white house to end their bitter show down the hope is that a deal can be reached by tuesday. senate majority leader harry planned on holding an important test vote overnight but at the last minutes it was postponedthanks for coming in it was a late night for you last night >> indeed it was. >> in a crazy weekend keep us up-to-date. >> for the first time in this story delay is a good thing. it is good news this vote at 1:00 a.m. this morning was postponed it was a futile vote for 60 votes, to get to the harry reed bill called already in that house. there is no point in having that vote but the reality of senators hanging around until 1:00 a.m. or possibility of it created
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more atmosphere to negotiate. we have a lot more progress towards the outlines of a deal than we did yesterday morning looks like this crisis is close to being resolved. >> we heard everything falls apart from what i am reading in your notes it looks like there is a compromise in the works, sort of takes the majority of what the republicans wanted, stretching it out over the longer period. >> here are the fundamentals the president wanted a debt ceiling extension to 2013 that is in this deal. republicans wanted an equivalent amount of spending cuts for the duration of that debt ceiling, they got what they wanted. but the president will not have to live through a two stage voting process it will just be clean all the way through to 2013 what is important for republicans there is a mechanism for more than half of these spending cuts, a special committee will look at those propose them to congress if congress doesn't act a balanced
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budget amendment will be sent to the states that was a huge priority for republicans, one other thing i learned, what we will probably see is a short term extension. the big bill takes a lot of time people don't want to rush it don't want mistakes the theory is a short term extension, mr. president said he would do if there is a bigger deal. >> what is that mechanism attached to some other bill? >> yes, there is a one appropriations bill sitting on the shelf in the senate. >> they could pull that. >> it is an extension of the debt ceiling, there is one on the shelf they can pull down and drop that short term extension in while they work on the details of this bigger deal. >> your gut feeling is that it is going to go? >> for the first time in six weeks last night i got the sense that after a day of nothing but angry partisan
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ship, really bad, people had come together which is the way the process is supposed to work. perhaps not as dramatically, not as many twists and turns but it does feel the outlines not only exist, everyone sees the same thing and the process is now being laid before everyone to march us through to avoid default. >> we should watch for something this afternoon. >> yes. the intention is to have an agreement, forgive me it has been a long week >> i know it has. >> an agreement announced by 5:00 p.m. today that is when the asian markets open. if you can at least have a joint press conference or something where paper and presentation can be made before the asian markets open, to calm them, the markets here in the united stateeurope, look for something this afternoon. >> thank you for coming in this morning hopefully it will work itself out and everyone on capitol hill including our
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correspondents. >> and i can take care of my voice. >> absolutely. thank you again. they are bracing for a backlash if we cannot make a debt deal. just like you might fund a credit card to -- use a credit card to fund a big purchase. >> capitol projects like building new schools, new fire stations, transportation projects >> fairfax county chairman explains they are called bond sales a county or state asks investors for money and promises to pay them back with interest their bond rating just like your credit score determines how much interest they will pay. >> because the bond rating is so good, we are able to finance debt with very low interest rates. >> now imagine if suddenly your bank jacked your interest rates
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you might not be able to afford everything on your shopping list that is what maryland and virginia are bracing for a bad side effect of the grid lock on capitol hill if the usta credit -- usas credit rating goes down. maryland and virginia might go with it. >> maryland comptroller says losing the state's triple-a bond rating would cost millions in higher interest payments. >> it will have a corrosive effect on the fiscal education and it is very difficult to get that trust and credibility back once you lose it. >> the second face of the dulles rail line could be hurt, fairfax county needs to sell bonds in january for school renovationa police station. >> potentially we would have to look at all the item that is would be financed, as part of that bond sale, to see if we could still afford to do all of those things. >> with federal contracts and
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jobs, maryland and virginia have close tie s with the federal government. >> it is a lose-lose situation for state >> may may wish to have a little more breathing room. >> brown put out a statement on the impact of the debt debate he said quote in the event the federal government failed to raise the debt ceiling district of columbia government could suffer an immediately loss. it is not just local businesses and governments that will be effected if there is no deal the entire economy could suffer recovery is still pain stakingly slow as peter barnes explains no deal could mean a double dip recession might be on the horizon. >> high gas prices weak income gains for workers have the economy growing at its slowest six month pace since the economic recovery began last year the gdp grew at a 1.3%
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annual rate well below expectation the shocker was a huge downward revision of the number for the first quarter, growth originally clocked in 1.9% now the government says it grew at 4/10ths for the president the numbers were too bad to ignore. >> on a day we have been reminded how fragile the economy is, this is one burden we can lift ourselves end it with a simple vote. >> they blame one time shocks for the weak report. >> we see a lot of impact from the tsunami earthquake in japan a lot of negative consequences of high energy prices ands like that but the important thing is we need to take the measures necessary to let our economy grow >> economists went back to
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their calculators many pushing projections for stronger growth out to the end of the year. >> the great recession to the great stagnation we have a lot of reason to worry we have all the help we can get from washington we do not need the current stale mate that adds to uncertainty. >> current recovery is coming in as one of the weakest in 30 years, bad news for a president just 15 months away from election day. it is less than half of the pace of the rebound after the recession of the early regan years and running behind the recoveries of bush 41 and early bush 43. >> newest gdp report could amplify worries about a double dip recession and calls to help prevent one with new economic stimulus measures extending the current cut payroll taxes. police in prince georges county investigating a fatal stabbing overnight they got a call of a cutting around 2:00 a.m. in hyattsville when they got
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there they found a man with a knife wound and he was pronounced dead on scene detectives are continuing the investigation. >> for the third time in less than 24 hours a boat accident in anne arundel county two incidents happened last night this is video of the south river earlier in the evening another accident when a man jumped off a boat he has not been seen since. new details in the abduction of a fairfax county family a man burst into a home thursday night taking a mother, father and children and a friend hostage. the suspect drove them to an atm made them with draw cash and dropped them off on a deserted road police released a sketch of the suspect. if you recognize him call police. police in virginia also on the hunt for a thief who stole a man's brand new flat screen tv right off the front porch it was all caught on video fedex just dropped that off here
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comes the man he starts checking it out and takes off with it the homeowner says it was scary. >> the day is going as normal and then you see some body coming up on to your property and i was shaking and i was you know -- yeah, it was a little bit scary. >> police now have the tape and the website richards ordered the tv from agreed to pay him back. warm welcome home for 50 national guard soldiers, this freedom salute ceremony was for people who returned from afghanistan and iraq. he did rehab for three months to walk again after three tours of duty and a serious jury he is ready to go back. >> if they call i am going. >> he expects to have more surgery on his back soon.
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now that the lock out is over and red skins are at training camp who is already injured. sports up next off the wall coming up we have got football. >> yes, we do. >> we also have some body not wearing a coat we will explain why coming up next 
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>> >> making world headlines syrian tabbings shelling civilians, killing 13 overnight they stormed the central city right before dawn witnesses reporting intense gunfire some 16,000 people have died in the brutal crackdown since april. >> we are learning of a bombing in afghanistan early this morning that killed 11 people at the police headquarters it happened in southern afghanistan in an area that nato transferred security to the afghans. taliban leaders claim they carried out attacks it comes as
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joint chiefs of staff visited kandahar this morning. american hikers held in iran since 2009 could soon be set free. the two men are in a court hearing now in iran's capitol they are accused of illegally crossing from northern iraq to iran to spy on the country. questions are raised about evidence in the amanda knox trial in italy experts attacked forensic evidence saying it never should have been shown to the jury. knox and her former boyfriend were convicted in 2007 of murdering her british roommate. forensic experts claim investigators made serious mistakes. >> skins were not at the 90 player limit, 74 turned out for training camp. care began was dressed but not ready to go. he suffered a bone bruce to his right knee friday saturday he said it felt better but wasn't sure when he would be able to
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practice he was on the field during the am session spending most of his time with the linebackers, watched them go through drillworked on the sideline wearing a compression sleeve on his right leg. >> skins were able to sign their free agents friday but per nfl rules not allowed to practice with teammates or work with the team's strength and conditioning staff until next thursday assuming a new labor agreement is in place by then. on the sidelines but had to leave skins park just to get a work out in for the new faces, this really is not ideal. to the nationals now, jason werth bubble head night at the park would it bring him any luck? he has a 3.5 3 average, werth takes dicky deep to center, 12th of the year, same score in the 9th, trouble with bases
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loaded caught former met sleeping at the dish, snap a six game losing skid. >> time for off the wall, wisdom and martin are talking lock out and heat wave. welcome to off the wall, it is 175 degrees outside. >> we are getting to the weather in a moment. >> okay. >> it is hot we have training camps under way. >> finally. >> thank goodness football is back. >> we have something to talk about. >> was there a winner or loser. >> no, loser, everybody wins because regardless whether you got what you wanted or not everything you wanted you got something, money is going to start to flow everybody is going to be happy bottom line once you start playing the checks start coming everybody is good >> you couldn't be more wrong on this. major big time losers,.
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>> who? >> baseball. soccer, any other sport out there it all goes away right now. >> irrelevant any way. >> we are not talking about them any more. >> losers every year. >> so you do have some losers. >> they are losers every year. >> that is not new. >> how do you like the red skins now. >> i don't think you need to guess at what i think. >> more on that another week. >> we will do it because it is summertime it is like a thousand degrees out there. what do you prefer? we had one of the coldest wenters of all time do you prefer the heat or -- winters of all time do you prefer the heat or cold? >> without a shout of a doubt take the heat. nothing more uncomfortable than having your feet cold no matter what boots you have on. >> you can put your clothes on, t-shirts, jacket, wind blowing
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i never want to see another ounce of snow. >> you love being sent out on snow stories. >> nothing i love more than that except for maybe taxes and death itself so heat clearly you can get in the air conditioning drink good day raid. >> you -- gatorade >> you are correct on this one, it is the heat people prefer the heat we like the go to the beach enjoy the scenery can't do that in the winter time. >> or when you are married like me. >> wisdom martin thank you for your attire it is summer next week put on a jacket. >> red skins, hail to the red skins. pgh >> i am a little partial tote heat myself. taking a look at gas prices. the latest numbers are not good pgh >> plus taking a look at news and week ahead including one birthday party for a resident of the white house 
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gas price haves gone up a bit but maybe not for long triple-a says the average across the country is $3.71 a gallon. in the district a gallon of regular averages 3.92, maryland 3.91, virginia, 3.62 a gallon. traders are concerned about u.s. economic weakness. in our business report wall street had its worst week this year. wild week for wall street even wilder weekend for washington lawmakers taking the debt deadline down to the wire they have until tuesday to figure it out or risk a credit rating down grade for america. >> adding to the pressure confirmation america's economy is stalling. uncle sam report orange friday, u.s. economy grew a little bit more than 1% last quarter, less than the pros were expecting also alarming first quarter
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growth provides down, adding up to a big downer for wall street major indexes losing grown with stocks losing money, investors finding comfort in goal. ending the week at the highest price ever, $1,630 an ounce. president obama driving home new fuel standards a deal with the automakers calling for cars to average 54.5 miles per gallon down the road they average half that now. and let's look now at some stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. braves fans get ready, 43 of nascar's fastest will hit the brick yard 400. according to treasury official it is congress fails to reach the debt ceiling it could result in financial calamity. >> wednesday republican national committee brings its annual summer meeting to tampa
8:27 am
florida a whose who of heavy weights expected to attend. >> finally the big 5-0 for president obama thursday he is supposed to celebrate in a major fund raise era day earlier in chicago. jennifer hudson scheduled to perform at the president's birthday bash. >> england's royal family celebrated another wedding queen elizabeth's granddaughter sarah phillips tied the knot. it took place in scotland they are bate known for their athletic accomplishments, she is an equestrian expected to compete 2012 olympiche is a star as well. up next, speaking with host filling in for chris wallace. >> plus tucker barnes back with a look at today's weather and a workweek preview find out if we
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back to our top stories and the debt debate what exactly are the costs to you and me if the deal doesn't get done on time. james rosen shows us how president obama made the connection between the debt crisis and debt to many. >> a lower credit rating would result in a tax increase on everyone in the form of higher interest rates on mortgages, car loans, credit cards. >> translate that and it means more debt to me here is why this is uncharted territory but economists estimated if that happen it is treasury department would swiftly raise the yield on at the treasury
8:32 am
bond offering uncle sam is a riskier borrower banks will want to prevent people from taking money out of the bank to shea are pay -- so they are paying more interest and banks will pass that on to the borrowers let's say you need a car loan, well, your interest rate is going to jump by half a point up to 4.5%, your monthly payment will therefore go up we calculate by $2 a month doesn't sound bad but that projection is based on the median car loan $10,000 lots of people borrow more than that for their car and will pay more per month your home loan the median debt on a home in the country $165,000 much higher here in the nations capitol and other big expensive cities based on that figure if your interest rate spikes by a half
8:33 am
percentage point your monthly payment will go up $50 per month that will cost you about we calculate, $500 more per year. >> that would push down the number of buyers, for particular types of houses and put the real estate market into even more of a slump than it is today. >> remember there are some interest rate hikes we have not talked about like credit cards, this is political drama has been grinding on between the white house, treasury secretary both parties look at these people regardless of party and say you are debt to me in washington james rosen fox news. weather, a violent tropical some across southeast asia forced the evacuation of people from vietnam. it killed more than 50 people when it ravaged philippines
8:34 am
last week. well, weather certainly has been on our minds for the last week or so. very very hot in the dc area, turker barnes we see a break ahead? >> no time soon more 90s in the forecast later today, notice the humidity creeping up as well later, but maybe as we get down the road temperatures in the 80s. still talking about a week or so. satellite radar, looking at current activity, not a lot here in the washington area when i put in motion shower and thunderstorm activity continues off to the south, a frontal system moved through during the early morning hours yesterday, and that has taken shape down virginia, north carolina border farther south, better the chance you will see a shower or thunderstorm pop up, charlottesville, fredericksville, richmond, southern maryland, you got the best chance of a pop up thunderstorm here in washington north and west, frederick and haggerstown, bright sunshine hot temperatures here to stay for the time being, once again,
8:35 am
highs in the 90s later this afternoon currently regan national, 83 degrees now, humidity 58%, winds out of the north and east, 6 miles per hour pressure up as it knowses in here from the south and west forecast your day, lots of sunshine beautiful day, bring along a lot of water, afternoon high temperatures in the 90s. a streak going of 90s more details on that and go to the tropics take a look at our possible next tropical storm in a couple minutes. >> thanks so much. >> well, friday was the first official practice day for the red skins and the team hit the field without albert haines worth, mcnabb and a lot of the drama from last season. dave ross sat down with holiday the red skins player rep to talk about the end of the lock out and start of a new season. here with the washington
8:36 am
red skins, tumultuous off season. tough negotiating on the behalf of the players yet you are still a player too. >> no doubt about it. interesting time certainly learned a lot about the business of football, and you know, that is what is so great about the process i know it has been ugly, fans have been frustrated we have, owners but we are here now unfortunate we lost the hall of fame game. if you asked me two months ago would we lose any games i was optimistic and would have said no but learned a lot about the business of football and i think most of the players throughout the league also. >> how cantankerous does it get, is it tougher? we saw some of the stuff coming out of twitter and facebook this is not an easy dial, billions of -- deal, billions of dollars. >> it is tough sitting across the table from your boss. really hard but at the same time we were given a charge of representative thes and executive committee to get this
8:37 am
deal done for our class and guys fought hard there is a lot of bright intelligent guy that is took apart this process that really fought hard and stood on the table. >> now you have a 10 year deal in place, so you can say you were part of i guess a successful labor agreement, the league has ever seen. >> we feel good about the deal. it has been a long process you hear guys stay we were fighting for players past, present, future, but economic side of things but also it is important that we continue and give owners the leverage they need to grow the game, it is a good game professional wise. >> a win-win for both sides. >> let's talk about the football field we have seen a lot of changes this year, they want to practice here on friday, i guess you have to be excited with some changes they have made >> they made a plot of changes, no daniels, jar min is
8:38 am
gone so it is a lot of changes already but we've gotten some good people in here and it looks like the characters part of it i know that is important to coach shanahan of getting high quality characters guys, guys that want to work and we can look at teams traditionally or over the past decade that have been winning consistently they have a good core nucleus of players. >> excitement should draw. last year statistically not good, very excited about the changes? >> second year defense, a lot of things change you look at the learning curve from last year to today, guys right away picking up, offence gives us motions, language, communication going on out there, very exciting to be a part of and exciting to watch guys last year had a little hesitation,. >> yes. >> what is your nickname do you have one? >> i don't want to go into my nickname you can probably
8:39 am
google it. in college they called me chocolate thunder. >> wow. >> yeah, i was nicknamed chocolate thunder. >> no new nickname >> i get the old man. >> you did a great job with the deal thank you you are part of having football thank you. this house has acted and it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle to put something on the table. tell us where you are. >> when it came to the united states senate it was dead on arrival on a bipartisan basis, buy par partisan majority -- bipartisan majority voted to table the boehner proposal. >> house speaker john boehner is senate whip wrangling.
8:40 am
senator durbin is one of the guests. good morning brett. >> good morning. >> i know also one of the guests as well will be furling one of the economic advisors we have been talking about the debt ceiling ad nauseam this week but there is an under current of bad economic news, underneath everything else. >> very bad. the director of the economic council will be here to talk about not only these negotiations which as you know are very fluid with the senate vote pending at 1:00 p.m., eastern time, so there is also as you mentioned the big picture of the economy, with the gross domestic product number on friday coming out of 1.3% growth, in a healthy economy, it grows at 3%, 1.3 is very weak and perhaps more troubling was division of the quarter before that, .4% growth
8:41 am
i will ask gene spurring about not only negotiations but the big economic picture and where the president sees this going. >> of course it all plays in together, our economy is healthy then we don't need to borrow as much money to pay our bills, right? >> true but they are separate as far as how you got to this track and why it is tied together. the reason that the debt ceiling increased and debt reduction is tied together because republicans won in november 2010 and they say without that win they wouldn't be having this discussion now to cut -- make massive cutmake changes add min stray says, -- administration says it would be responsible to tie to this clip we are going off to this country that is the battle we are having now. gdp separately is a worse economic picture on the overall front, as far as how the
8:42 am
country grows economically for the rest of the year. >> we are hearing looks like finally after all of this clash there could be a plan coming together that gives republicans what they want but lets democrats spread the debt ceiling over the longer period, correct? >> right what we are hearing so far i will try to get into specifics with all of our guests, is that this will cover what the president wants, which is to take the debt ceiling increase into 2013, past the election, but it also has significant cuts upfront and this special joint committee which will have a trigger that if it doesn't fund the deep kits needed to -- cuts needed to go forward to the second stage of the debt ceiling increase i know we are in the weeds here if it doesn't find those cuts there will be across the board cuts right now the trigger and penalty basically is what everyone is fighting over and that is where the negotiations stand at this hour, even before a 1:00 p.m.
8:43 am
vote there is wiggle room going on >> i know you are also speaking with senator durbin and i know these two have been able to work together on many issues previously this has been contentious what do you think is the future of bipartisan ship in congress. >> that is a great question it has changed the the tone has changed you are seeing it from a number of lawmakers, these are two lawmakers that have been behind closed doors senator kyle and durbin have been negotiating for a long time. we will talk about some of that we will also talk about things they have said publicly and some of their colleagues have said publicly and ask that very question about phone partisan ship. >> all right, a -- partisan ship going forward. >> you can catch fox news sunday 9:00 a.m. after our show. >> following a horrific plane crash that happened in south america, 160 people onboard. we are going to tell you how
8:44 am
every single one of them lived to tack about it coming up. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at
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getting a check oheadlines collided in mid-air in alaska sending one crashing to the ground and another bursting into flames. four people died but the other plane did land safely. >> another plane crash in south america breaking into pieces but miraculously everyone survives. the caribbean airlines jet arriving from new york slid through a fence and greek apart only four people had -- broke apart, only four people had to be hospitalized. >> we were like man we are going to die the plane don't have enough runway to stop. >> 100 people did get medical treatment all 153 people onboard lived. we are going to go to tucker barnes one more time far
8:48 am
quick preview of what we will see coming up in weather. >> wind up the month more heat, more haze more humidity details, and talk about records and taking a look at the workweek after the break. here is a live shot you can see the haze in the atmosphere this morning wrap ever 
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> a last minute agreement to avoid a default tuesday may be taking shape. republican leaders are meeting with white house officials discussing a plan that raise it is debt ceiling $2.4 trillion enough to last through next year but with lots of conditions put on that. >> that would be good news. >> i think two things we will be happy to say goodbye to in july, debt debate and hot weather. >> yes, the heat. we are setting all kinds of records our warmer july in history and warmest ever in
8:52 am
washington. >> ever? >> yeah. >> some like it. >> it did feel like it. there is a live shot haze and heat and humidity back for our sunday and just a chance of an isolated thunderstorm, brings relief but really, the best chance will be south of the city, off and running we go, once again. here is your big headline 13 days, 90 or above and today will be number 14, it continues right through the week as we have no end in sight here. i think today will be a little bit more moderate than yesterday highs low to mid-90s but we are still talking plenty of heat around here for the next couple days, how warm did it get yesterday? remember friday, 104 yesterday better 97 regan national, dulles, 95, marshall 96, today we will do better than this. 94, 95 across the region there is your consolation temperatures mid-90s.
8:53 am
instead of the low 100s. 83 at regan national, that is the other big story we have had several day this is month where the overnight low has not been below 80, 83 regan national, 82 annapolis. a little better north and west, dulles 77 martins burg and haggers town you are doing better, 71 degrees. satellite radar frontal system snuck through the area early yesterday morning didn't spark shower or thunderstorm activities here. setting up shop to the south, north carolina, virginia border you can see the showers and thunderstorms bubbling up along it there is a possibility a little later today a few of the showers and thunderer storms could make their way further north if you are watching in central virginia, charlottesville, southern maryland you might see a pop up shower or thunderstorm generally speaking, the end of a dry one plenty of sunshine expected there is your future cast see the pop up nature of
8:54 am
the shower activity and cloud cover to our south then clear things out during the overnight hours, let's get down to the topics, watching this one closely they are giving this a 100% chance to develop into a tropical depression, this will become emily the first hurricane of the season, they will fly a plane into it later today several days from any land areas, we will watch that carefully that will likely develop over the next couple days,. sunshine, heat, storms south, 94, daytime high winds out of the north 5 miles per hour then, a few clouds warm and muggy overnight, 75, we will kick in august, with temperatures in the 90s. there is your forecast tomorrow a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorm that is our best chance, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures hang out in 90s. overnight lows 70s. nothing too extreme to kick off the month of august, run of the
8:55 am
mill dog day afternoon. >> financially because most people think august is the -- it is just funny because most people think august is the worst but we made it through july. >> the wizards should be looking for a few good men but apparently women, we will take you to try outs for the wizards dancers ands next 
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
usually chimps and tigers don't mix but trainers are teaching this co be a babysitter for baby tigers, he feeds bottles to the tiny tigers in ban cock. it is 2 years old the cubs are between 3 week5 months i wonder if that is a choice that will change when they are older. >> wizards holding try outs for their wizard girls the team is looking for a dance squad for next season auditions were held 5 hours yesterday, cuts throughout the day the final round of try outs will be tomorrow night fans will have a chance to vote for a dancer on the squad through facebook this year no word if you can go and attend the try outs in person though. >> check it out. >> wonder if they need extra judges. >> hello sunday morning. >> sure we could get volunteers. >> i am sure you could. >> taking a look at the five day forecast, once again, heat later the day high temperatures
8:59 am
mid-90s but melanie i will be honest after 104 friday, our warmest temperature here in 14 years, 97 yesterday, you know, 94 we can all handle that no problem. >> i was at a softball tournament, my niece down playing in virginia, down if the valley you could feel it good for those girls working it out. >> you got it. the best chance to rain will be tomorrow scattered storms and thunderstorms and then dry around here for the middle and end of the week. so, i know a lot of people's gardens are suffering >> i think i have pretty much given up >> wait until september. >> it will look good in the fall again. >> if you look to the cooler temperatures, it will be here by september. >> that does it for us this morning stay tuned for fox news sunday join us back here tonight for the latest newweather, and

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Virginia 10, Washington 8, Maryland 5, Us 5, Tucker Barnes 4, Durbin 3, Southern Maryland 3, Fairfax 3, Regan 3, Regan National 2, North Carolina 2, Afghanistan 2, South America 2, U.s. 2, Charlottesville 2, America 2, Marshall 1, Bliss 1, Asia 1, Georges 1
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